Poker series in Ukraine sets a record

Big offline poker tournament has identified poker champions Ukraine. The series was held in poker club Full House Kyiv on November 15-25.

More than 2,000 players took part in the PokerMatch Million Live tournament and the Ukrainian Poker Championship  this November. In total almost 6,000 entries were made in all tournaments of the series, which was an absolute record for Ukrainian poker series.

Alexander Zapadenets from Odessa became the winner of the PokerMatch Million Live tournament, and Timur Azizov has won the Ukrainian Championship in sports poker. By the way, according to the president of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Sports Poker, Sergey Efimenko, the champion will soon receive the title of Master of Sports in sports poker. And the players who took second and third places in the championship will become Candidates Master of Sports.

It is also worth noting that Ukraine has recognized and legalized poker as a sport in 2018. Thus offline sport poker events one are now legal again.


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