RUSSIA to close access for players from Russia

The support of the Spanish has sent a notification about the imminent closure of the poker room for Russian players. The website has already terminated registration for users from Russia, and soon all accounts with Russian id will be blocked. The administration does not specify the deadlines for the procedure, however, it assures that customers will be able to withdraw money from their accounts.

Currently, when visiting, Russian-speaking users are redirected to the domain Sochi casino is the official partner of the poker room, and the advertisement of the resource is broadcasted on Russian TV. Perhaps this is precisely the reason for the limitations announced by a Spanish licensed website for Russian players. Moreover, the possibility of registering on the was opened to Russian users less than a year ago.

In January 2018, the administration of the Spanish resource announced the admission of foreigners to play on At that time, citizens from most European countries, with the exception of Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia.


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