Poland – A state salon of “one-armed bandits” was created in Wrocław

The state-owned gambling game salon had been opened by Totalizator Sportowy in the center of Wrocław. It is the first salon launched in the region based on new gambling regulations. The state-owned company has a monopoly on organizing games on gambling machines.

All other points with machines that do not belong to Totalizator are illegal and should be prosecuted by the police and the National Tax Administration. What is such a salon different from the points with machines that we have seen so far in various places around the city? First of all, everyone who enters – regardless of whether he wants to play or just to look around – his ID will be checked and he will be asked to complete the declaration.

He must provide his data, which will go to the central register kept by the tax authorities. The data will be stored there for three years. They can be made available to police officers, customs and tax authorities, the court, the prosecutor’s office as well as “game participants reporting complaints”.

If someone wants to play, he must additionally set a daily limit. First of all – how much time does he want to spend on playing and how much in one day he wants to spend on this “entertainment”. If he exceeds the financial limit or time limit he will not be able to continue playing. The system will block his “player card” for 24 hours. However, the law does not provide for any restrictions on the setting of such limits. Although they can not be combined. Theoretically – the employees of Totalizator admit – the player could determine that his daily limit is 24 hours.

And the amount he wants to spend is extremely high. Then what? If he played 24 hours, he must have another 24 hours break after the limit is reached. And he can play again. The same after he would have exhausted the daily limit of money spent on the game. There is a central register, so exhausting the limit in one salon will block the player in all others.

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