Poland – Bookmakers are betting on growth

Last year was very good, and this one is to be even better. The bookmakers are helped by new law and large events.

Bookmakers changed the record. Over the past years, in their speeches, the topic of the overgrown gray zone and uneven competition with operators from outside Poland, who received their clients because they avoided the local taxes, could offer better rates. Now Polish bookmakers are happy and count money, which in their pockets is much more than before.

“In 2017, we recorded a higher dynamics of increases than last year. It was dependent on many factors – the scale of business is growing, our offer is growing and our clients have access to many new functionalities. During this period, STS also strengthened its sponsoring activity in various disciplines of Polish sport, which resulted in the acquisition of a larger number of players. In addition – most importantly – the attitude of Poles to bookmakers is changing, they are treated as a form of entertainment, thanks to which tracking sports and socio-political events is even more interesting” – says Mateusz Juroszek, president of STS, which has 48 percent. shares in the Polish market.

Bookmakers also helped new rules. The amended gambling law came into force in April last year, and three months later, a register of banned Internet domains began to operate, which currently has more than 1500 addresses. After entering the websites of bookmakers’ operators who previously dominated the Polish market, clients are transferred to the website of the Ministry of Finance, informing them that “the site is used for the illegal offering of gambling”, so access to it has been blocked. “The law in force in Poland before April 1 created extremely unfavorable conditions for bookmakers that honestly ran their business. As a result, about 90 percent the mutual betting market belonged to entities operating without appropriate permits. After six months of application of the Act, legal entities control about 40 percent of market “- said in December, the Play Legally Association, representing bookmakers, which pay taxes in Poland.

According to the association, the turnover of companies registered in Poland last year amounted to PLN 3.3 billion, that is, they were 95% higher than a year earlier. Bookmakers point out that they were helped not only by law in Poland but also by more decisive actions of the British regulator, who tightened the bolt registered in that country by companies operating on foreign markets without a license.

Changes in legislation also influenced last year’s result. However, this is not an amendment to the Gambling Act, but British legislation has largely caused some international players to leave the Polish market. What is noticeable is another effect of the amendment to the act – social perception has changed and Polish players pay attention to play at native, licensed bookmakers” – says Mateusz Juroszek.

The most detailed data on the condition of the Polish bookmaking market and the pace of its evolution can be read from the presentation of the results of the Czech Fortuna, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (though soon, because the call for its shares continues). During the first three quarters of last year, Polish clients placed 708 million zlotys at the company’s fixed points and on its websites. A year earlier, in the same period, it was PLN 395 million, so only the Czech bookmaker put the Poles by 80% more money than a year earlier.

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