Poland – Changes in the airport company. There is a new member

Sebastian Meitz became a member of the Lublin Airport board. He is a 35-year-old manager with experience on the European market and markets in Southeast Asia.

The airport management board is headed by Krzysztof Wójtowicz, and the vice president is the former deputy mayor of Lublin Włodzimierz Wysocki. Now the management of Lublin Airport has been extended by one more person. The company’s supervisory board decided it would be Sebastian Meitz.

He is a master of international relations in strategic and security studies at the University of Warsaw, a graduate of doctoral studies in economics at the Warsaw School of Economics and a scholarship holder at the Ludwig-Maksymilian University in Munich. Meitz also graduated from the Leadership Academy for Poland and post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science
– informs PLL.

Meitz, 35, started his career with international strategic consulting companies McKinsey & Company and Frost & Sullivan. Then he worked at Totalizator Sportowy, BETEGY (international technology startup). In the years 2014 – 2016 he worked on global development projects at the World Scout Movement Organization in Malaysia. Recently, he was the president of CENZIN and at the same time ran his own strategic consulting company Gaming 5.0.

Sebastian Meitz is also associated with the academic world. He was an assistant at the Ludwik-Maksymilian University in Munich, then a lecturer in international marketing at the School of Commerce in Radom, and since last year he has been a lecturer and head of studies in management in the market of games of chance and sports betting at the Koźmiński University in Warsaw
– Lublin airport informs.

Meitz is fluent in English and German and speaks Russian at a communicative level.

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