Poland – Companies are spending more and more on supporting Polish sport

The sports sponsorship market in Poland has grown by nearly 13 percent this year, which is to over PLN 1 billion, according to preliminary estimates of the research and consulting company Sponsoring Insight.

Such a large increase is primarily associated with new sponsorship contracts, concluded by brands representing the fuel industry and mutual wagers. Further increases can be expected in 2020, including thanks to the summer Olympics and European football games. There are also many less spectacular events that will undoubtedly excite many fans and sponsors.

PKN Orlen, due to the nature of its business, is active mainly in the discipline of motor sports.
Of course, our flagship project is the debut of the Orlen brand in Formula 1. The cooperation with ROKiT Williams Racing implemented in 2019 and the support of the first Pole in history who returned to racing in the queen of motorsport was a very successful investment
– convinces the Orlen press office.

Orlen assures that despite the termination of cooperation between Robert Kubica and Williams, the brand of the Polish concern remains in Fi and will continue to support Kubica. The Orlen Team rally and racing team also includes cross-country and enduro riders: Kuba Przygoński, Maciek Giemza and Adam Tomiczek. In the upcoming Dakar Rally, considered the most difficult rally in the world and taking place for the first time in Saudi Arabia, Kamil Wiśniewski, who will start on the quad, will also appear with the Orlen brand.

Lotos is strongly involved in sport. The company’s largest sponsorship projects this year were associated with the Polish Football Association, the Polish Ski Association, the Lotos Rally Team. Thus, the company is particularly pleased with the promotion of Polish football team to Euro 2020 and the world vice-championship in the WRC2 category of Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Maciej Szczepaniak. In 2020, the concern wants to continue its current cooperation.

We try to keep our sponsorship budget at a similar level every year. However, this is definitely an important item in marketing expenditure as such
– says Adam Kasprzyk, a spokesman for Lotos.

For many years, energy companies have had a dominant position on the buyers’ side of the sports sponsorship market.

Changes related to the signaled increase in energy prices for end users have changed their purchasing attitudes. The value of their contracts clearly decreases, and the payment of full contractual amounts is subject to the fulfillment of numerous performance indicators related to sales and brand promotion. This in turn affects the development of the sponsorship market, giving impulses to the further development of sponsorship rights owners. The betting industry remains an important group of these rights buyers.

The importance of this industry for the sponsorship market is evident from the front displays of PKO BP Ekstraklasa football club shirts – 7 of 16 of them show the logos of betting companies. In any case, it is the highest sponsorship contract for a given club. What is also worth paying attention to in the context of 2020 (and the prospects for the Euro 2020 European Football Championship and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo) is the growing activity of brands from the FMCG sector in the area of obtaining and activating sponsorship rights.

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