Poland effectively whitens the gray area

Monopoly heals steadily and poorly, according to GCNP, the situation in the gambling industry looks the same. From 2016 the scale of changes does not change and amounts to 40%. At the same time, there is a dynamic growth in both mutual betting segment and online casinos.

(…) The introduction of JPK and STIR has brought good results, but there is a lack of regulation, for example, regarding the blocking of websites or fiscal burdens.

“In our opinion, the issue of civilizing poker and audiovisual game control responsibilities is also important”
- GCNP experts add.

“The gray area is not sleeping. In our industry, the gray area are illegal games of chance operators and mutual wagering as well as in the stationary channel in the form of illegal slot machines salons. ”
- notes Olgierd Cieślik, the president of Totalizator Sportowy.

He emphasizes that the state monopoly is a guarantee of security and legality in this industry.

“Gambling accompanies people for centuries. A company owned by the State Treasury, subject to strict supervision of the owner, pursuing a monopoly in the area of ​​ slot machines or online casinos, by definition is a safer choice for players than other entities that can offer similar entertainment “- believes the President of Totalizator.


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