Poland – Ekstraklasa announcement after UEFA decisions

On March 17th, 2020, a video conference was held with the participation of UEFA, ECA, European Leagues and FIFPro Europe.

President of Legia Warszawa, Dariusz Mioduski (as a member of the management board of ECA) and president of Ekstraklasa S.A., Marcin Animucki (member of the management board of European Leagues) participated on behalf of Polish clubs. During the videoconference UEFA presented assumptions about league, cup and national team matches in the near future.

Competition with national teams:

  • The EURO 2020 tournament has been moved to 2021 (June 11th – July 11th, 2021).
  • Friendly matches and play-offs to the EURO scheduled for March this year will be postponed to June 2020.
  • Elimination matches for the 2022 World Cup scheduled for June 2021 will be played at a different date.
  • The Nations League finals / women’s EURO U21 / EURO tournament, which were to take place in June and July 2021, will be played at a different date.
  • The clubs will be obliged to release their players for all national team matches that will be played on new dates.

Club competitions:

  • If the situation allows, maximum efforts will be made to complete all national league and European cup competitions by June 30th, 2020.
  • There will be no exclusivity for individual games: national leagues will be able to be played in the middle of the week, and matches in European cups during weekends.
  • The dates of the qualifying rounds for the European cups in the 2020/21 season will be determined depending on the completion of individual national leagues.
  • Further work and deadline arrangements are to be carried out by UEFA as part of working groups. Based on these solutions, affecting the next two seasons, Ekstraklasa together with PZPN and clubs will develop scenarios for resuming games.

“We pointed out that to play the season to the end, it was necessary not only to postpone the EURO, but also to qualify rounds in European cups, in which our teams were to start in the first week of July. Now UEFA’s decisions give such an opportunity, “says the president of Ekstraklasa S.A. Marcin Animucki.

“However, we must remember all the time that resuming matches and finishing the season will ultimately depend on the situation in the country and the decisions of clubs and PZPN. Independently, we are working with clubs on solutions aimed at counteracting the negative effects of a pandemic for the league, “adds President Animucki.

The crisis team, which Ekstraklasa has been organizing since the beginning of the week, is to operate in a similar way to UEFA. The team will develop solutions to mitigate the negative effects of the unique suspension situation. All clubs have already selected their experts. They will work in thematic workgroups covering formal and legal, financial, marketing and sports aspects. Together with the league company, they will work on developing proposals for introducing extraordinary regulations regarding games, the implementation of contracts with players or the schedule and scope of licensing provisions.

How would this affect sports betting? First of all, pay attention to how the bookmaker will interpret the long-term bets already made. Because the coronavirus epidemic is an unforeseen factor, it can significantly disrupt the continuation of games, or change their course. Therefore, it is worth asking the Customer Service Department about made bets.

The situation is the same with long-term bets for Euro 2020. Since the tournament date has changed, moved by twelve months, it is worth considering whether the bets will be worth as much as placed before the pandemic and all this confusion with the virus associated.

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