Poland – Ekstraklasa launches the sale of media rights to bookmakers

Ekstraklasa S.A. formally launches the stage of sales of audiovisual bookmakers’ rights for the years 2019/20 and 2020/21. Their commercialization is a joint project of a league company and the nc + platform, the main television broadcaster of Ekstraklasa since 1995. In the first place, licensed bookmakers operating on the Polish market will be invited to submit bids. Signing contracts with selected partners in the tender, if they are selected, is to take place by 30th of April this year. By the end of the season, the company will also sell rights to show clips on TV and the Internet as well as international rights.

– After the success of contracts on the rights to domestic television broadcasts, we are beginning to sell smaller packages, although also very important for us due to additional funds that provide clubs and the role of promotion of games among fans. This year, for the first time in history, we want to offer rights to bookmakers operating in Poland. We are already after a series of meetings with their representatives and as a result of discussions with nc + we have developed packages to show Ekstraklasa matches on bookmaker platforms

– says Marcin Animucki, Ekstraklasa S.A. president of the board

As part of the tender procedure, bookmakers will be offered two packages. The first will allow the purchase of rights to broadcast 296 Ekstraklasa football matches for exclusivity, and as a result showing Ekstraklasa matches to a limited extent on the online bookmaker platform where bets are accepted. The second, alternative package will allow to purchase such rights without exclusivity for up to four licensed companies accepting bets.

    – After the initial probing of this market, the interest of bookmakers in our rights is very large. This is not surprising, because showing Ekstraklasa games is a great way for them to promote, build an advantage on the market and develop business in our country. Particularly attractive when placing bets will be to track matches live on online platforms. Therefore, also taking into account the PLN 0.5 billion of revenues from the sale of television broadcasting rights, which we have obtained from broadcasters, we do not intend to give away those rights for next to nothing. Both in relation to the first and second packages, we have internally defined the minimum level of influence that we want to obtain from this title, which we also reserve in the tender. If the market does not offer the value we expect, we will not sell these rights

– says Marcin Animucki.

Bookmakers who purchase rights to broadcast matches on their online platforms will be able to choose the technological solution used for the broadcast of matches provided that the security of the signal and video player specified in the tender are applied. Only registered users who have an active bet for a match in any competition will have the right to watch broadcasts on online bookmakers’ platforms.

Ekstraklasa has decided to send offers to all licensed bookmakers, as well as those who already have permission from the Ministry of Finance to operate in Poland, but do not yet use the results of Ekstraklasa. The rights to show matches may be important for them in implementing the strategy of dynamic development.

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