Poland – Finally, the first six in LOTTO was hit

PLN 3 326 581.20 – it is worth remembering this amount, because it has already entered the history of Polish number games! Winning this value is the first “six” in Lotto, which fell thanks to the bet made online! However, this is not the end of good news from the passing weekend!

As you can see, it is worth trying your luck also by playing at www.lotto.pl. Let us remind that from December fans of number games can play the most popular LOTTO games online. In order to hit Saturday’s online “six”, worth over PLN 3 million, the lucky winner had to only sign up for one bet and play his own numbers, which proved to be: 3, 5, 17, 21, 30, 42. Congratulations!

The passing weekend is also high wins in Eurojackpot and Ekstra Pensja!

Let’s get to the details related to the Eurojackpot Friday draw. Once again, the main prize was not won, which means that next Friday we will play for even PLN 330,000,000! In Poland, however, there were many wins of lower degrees, including the third level, worth PLN 1,048 483.20. A happy bet was made at the LOTTO location in Warsaw at 59 Złota Street. Let us remind that the numbers drawn in Eurojackpot were: 1, 6, 11, 17, 38, 4 and 8.

Extra Pensja is another game in which the main prize was won during the weekend. PLN 5,000 paid every month for 20 years will be received by a lucky player who played at LOTTO point in Grodków (Opolskie province) at Warszawska 2 street. In this case, the player trusted his luck and made one bet at random. On April 27th, the numbers in Ekstra Pensja were: 6, 12, 20, 22, 30 and 3.

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