Poland – “Forbes” magazine awarded Totalizator Sportowy

For bold entry into the world of internet technologies, thanks to which 40 percent the company’s revenues come from this area, and the state budget for tax on games will receive a record over PLN 1 billion this year – in this way the editors of Forbes magazine justified awarding the prize to Totalizator Sportowy in the “Change of the Year” category. The awarding ceremony took place on December 12 during the 4th Congress of Polish Capital.

On behalf of Totalizator Sportowy, the award was received by the President of the Management Board, Olgierd Cieślik, who emphasized that the distinction is an expression of recognition for all employees of the company, thanks to which entering the e-commerce market was a great success.

We have a great team, great product and great industry, but above all a great team. It is their merit that they created a product that aroused such mass interest – said Olgierd Cieślik during the award ceremony.

The company entered the e-commerce market on December 5th, 2018, enabling players to purchase the most popular number games online. In accordance with the provisions of the Gambling Act, Totalizator Sportowy has also launched the only legal and secure internet casino in Poland – Total Casino. These were the biggest changes in over 60 years of history

As the company recently emphasized in a press release, after twelve months of activity on the e-commerce market, more and more customers are convincing themselves to the safe and attractive online entertainment offered by Totalizator Sportowy. In 2019, 40 percent the company’s revenues will only come from this segment exceeding PLN 3.8 billion. This year, Totalizator Sportowy will transfer a record over PLN 1 billion to the state budget due to games tax.

During the Fourth Congress of Polish Capital there was also a debate “Digital transformation an indispensable element of the economy”, in which the President of the Management Board of Totalizator Sportowy participated. During the discussion, Olgierd Cieślik emphasized that companies must invest more in innovative activities, thanks to which we can increase the level of productivity of the entire Polish economy in the long run. He also added that, according to research, almost every second person in Poland made an online purchase, which shows that the e-commerce market in Poland still has great potential.

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