Poland – Forecasts of the Bookmaking Market for 2018

The year 2017 on the bookmaking market was an extremely active year. After the entry into force of the new gambling law in Poland, a lot has changed. Probably not many readers expected the exit from the market of such companies as Bet365 or Skrill.

The blockade from their websites radically changed the landscape of the Polish bookmaking market. As to whether there will be different opinions, of course. However, I will not try to convince anybody here about the strengths or weaknesses of these changes. I will focus on the future.

What is waiting for us in 2018? I will try to introduce you to the three most important events that we can expect in the coming year, both in Poland and in Europe.

We start from Poland

New online bookmakers – after changes to the gambling law on the Polish market, loud about such bookmakers as Forbet or LVBet. These companies are trying to build a strong position in the market t h r o u g h sponsorship and extensive online promotion. In 2018, new entities will certainly come to us. Here, due to the actions of the Ministry of Finance, we do not have much to expect large foreign operators. However, this does not change the fact that new bookmakers will appear. Certainly, the online betting license will be granted to those already authorized to operate Superbet ground points..

Licenses will also be received by other entities with Polish capital.

In my opinion, before the World Football Championships, we can expect a minimum of two new operators. By the end of the year, however, I hope that our market will be enriched by two more companies. It is in connection with the increased activity of eToto, which after presenting its new version has very ambitious plans will definitely improve the offer on the Polish market. Players will certainly benefit from this.

STS partner – the largest Polish bookmaker is doing well and has been working hard in recent months. Although STS is now a clear market leader, it knows that the competition is awake and sooner or later it will compete with bigger and stronger rivals. The Katowice operator for the New Year is preparing a surprise, which will s u r e l y please some o f t h e re a d ers of the E-Play magazine. STSPartner is a new partner program of STS. Thus, STS takes a completely opposite step to the recent decisions of Forbet, opening to partnering with the largest sports and bookmaker websites.

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