Yesterday, the Śląsk Wrocław contract with the bookmaker company forBET expired, which was the main sponsor of WKS on the match shirt. Who will be the club’s new partner? It looks like another company from the same industry.

The forBET association with Śląsk continued for two years. The appearance - after 958 days - of the main sponsor on T-shirts was adopted in July 2017 in Wrocław with a lot of relief and even considering that WKS did not have big noney from this contract. Annually, it was PLN several hundred thousand.

Already in March, “Przegląd Sportowy” informed that forBET would not extend its expiring contract. And that’s what happened.

We can inform you that the contract has not been extended
- Śląsk spokesman Tomasz Szozda told us yesterday morning.

The players went to the camp in shirts with the forBET logo, because on Sunday the contract was in force. We have agreed on this with forBET and we can use these shirts during training in Slovenia, but the sparring team will play in outfits without a sponsor
- explains Szozda.

At Oporowska, we are currently looking for a new main sponsor on the T-shirt. There is no certainty whether these conversations will end until the start of the season, which is until July 19th, but of course in the club they would like the presentation of a new T-shirt to be combined with the presentation of a new partner.

Conversations are underway. Our information indicates that negotiations with another bookmaker are closest to the end.

One of the reasons why forBET did not extend the contract was not entirely satisfactory Śląsk sports results.

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