Poland - Gaming machines manufacturers are still to be ready for control

The model of gambling control has changed. From January 2nd, manufacturers and sellers of gaming machines have many new responsibilities related to the control of their operations.

The introduced rules assume the duty of permanent readiness for such control by officers of the National Tax Administration. The new duties make it necessary for entrepreneurs to separate and mark spaces in which they produce and sell automatic machines. They should prepare these machines and spaces for applying official closures themselves.

Every case of introduction or withdrawal of machines from such spaces should be reported to the head of the customs and tax office. The tax office must also learn from the entrepreneur about cases of destruction or damage to gambling devices. The change in the control system of the gambling industry was dictated - as the government justified it - by the poor effectiveness of the previous regulations.

Often, it was impossible to effectively carry out inspections in the premises where the machines were stored, usually due to the absence of the owner.

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