Poland – High penalties for illegal gambling – sentences

Pursuant to the provisions in force, high fines are imposed for illegal gambling activities. For arranging slot machine games without the required license, the fine is PLN 100,000 for each slot machine. The illegal organization of gambling games is also subject to fiscal penal liability, which is a fine, imprisonment of up to 3 years or both.

Recently, high court penalties have been issued before the Common Courts. In one of the proceedings, the District Court in Warsaw upheld the judgment of the first instance court convicting the person responsible for arranging illegal gambling games to a fine of PLN 100,000. The judgment is final. The preparatory proceedings were conducted by the Head of the Świętokrzyskie Customs and Tax Office, which as a result of the inspection, seized illegal machines.

This year, dozens of convictions have been passed in Kielce courts, both those responsible for arranging illegal gambling, as well as those who supported this practice. From the beginning of 2019, 72 convictions were issued for 97 people. The total amount of fines imposed for the perpetrators was PLN 2,198,950. One of the perpetrators was also sentenced to six months imprisonment suspended for two years.

The courts also ordered the forfeiture of cash to the State Treasury in the total amount of PLN 423,421 and 421 slot machine units (with a total value of PLN 2,105,000).

Currently, the Head of the Świętokrzyski Customs and Tax Office conducts several dozen preparatory proceedings in the field of illegal gambling, which will soon be completed by bringing an indictment against persons engaged in arranging illegal gambling. The next several dozen proceedings are at the stage of court proceedings.

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