Poland – Illegal gaming machines were seized again

Policemen from Katowice fighting economic crime together with the officers of the National Tax Administration, secured gaming machines for illegal gambling.

The conducted action ended with a takeover of three illegal machines. There is a high fine or even three years in prison for violating the provisions of the penal and fiscal law.

Police officers from the Department to fight against Economic Crime of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Katowice obtained information that in one of the premises at Przyjazna Street there may be machines for illegal gambling.

Together with the officers of the National Tax Administration, they entered the premises where it was suspected that there were illegal machines. In connection with the suspected violation of the rules on games of chance, they have secured 3 devices on which illegal gambling games were organized against the current regulations.

Secured gaming machines went to the warehouses of the Silesian Customs and Tax Service. Now, the investigators determine the losses incurred by the State Treasury in connection with the illegal activity of the gaming salon. For a crime of running a game of chance without the required permit or concession, a fine or a penalty of up to three years in prison may be imposed.

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