Poland – I’m Jacek Kapica, not Jacek K.

The former deputy minister of finance, who heard allegations in connection with the gambling scandal, estimated that he would face a “fight similar to the one that the criminals had spectacularly made against him a few years ago”. He also asked not to call him “Jacek K.”.

Prosecution charges

The District Prosecutor’s Office presented two charges to Kapica. They concern failure to fulfill business duties in order to obtain financial benefits of over PLN 21 billion. That is the sum which – due to taxes not entered into the State Treasury – was obtained by the owners of “one-armed bandits”. This is the next stage of the investigation into the so-called gambling scandal. In the opinion of the prosecutor’s office, Kapica did not fulfill the obligation of supervision resulting from the Act on Games and Mutual Bets and supervision over subordinate departments and other units.

As a commentary to this statement, we remind you of an extract of the text from 2015.24.08 which appeared in the “UważamRze” monthly

The penalty for illegally operating a gaming point is PLN 12,000 per each machine with low prizes. The Customs Service even conducts the campaign “Do not get screwed”, in which it informs that high penalties threaten not only the owners of machines, but also those who rented their premises for such activities. There is only one problem – is any of the machines currently illegal? According to the author of the gambling act, deputy finance minister Jacek Kapica, the answer is “yes”. What’s more, he claims that since August of this year, apart from casinos, there are no legally operating machines. However, in this view he is more and more isolated. The gambling act, written by him, was to destroy the whole industry overnight. It prohibited applying for concessions for new machines. Those already granted were to gradually expire and the last ones expire in December this year. In theory, then, the matter should be simple – operating machines should be confiscated, and their owners should be punished with all severity. Kapica gave such a command to subordinate customs officers. But the machines from the streets have not disappeared at all. Contrary. The gambling industry is doing very well. It is a merit of one man. The same, who set as his life goal the fight against “automakers” (common name for gaming machine operators – ed. note) – of course, Jacek Kapica himself.

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