Poland – In gaming salons you will need a card instead of cash

The number of illegal gaming machines is falling in Warmia and Mazury. The number of legal ones can clearly increase. There may be 22 legal salons with gaming machines in the region.

So many permits were issued by the Tax Administration Chamber in Olsztyn. For now, the state-owned company has opened a salon with gaming machines in Elbląg. Whether and when it opens the next one is still unknown.

Legal gambling is different from the illegal one, in particular the age of customers must be thoroughly checked, and the services will have access to monitoring in premises. What’s more, the game will be played without using cash.

Each player will have to register, then he will receive a special card to which he transfers the money and using which he will play. Thanks to that, we will have full knowledge of clients. First of all, we are referring to minors and people who could use these salons to commit crime, for example to launder dirty money – says Ryszard Chudy from the Warmia-Mazury Customs and Tax Office.

The Office’s data also shows that the number of illegal gaming points is decreasing. They are still detected, but much less frequently. In the entire last year, 500 illegal “one-armed bandits” were detained in the region, which is half as much as in 2017.

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