Poland - Kwaśniewski about Tusk’s plan for a gambling commision

TVP Info has published the recording of a conversation between Leszek Miller and Aleksander Kwaśniewski, registered at the end of 2013 in the Amber Room restaurant. This recording was thrown to the Vistula river, and then - at the ABW’s command - fished out by divers.

Until now, the content of the recorded conversation was known only from the testimonies of the waiters (disclosed by the “Wprost” weekly magazine). When the so-called “tape scandal” came to light, they decided to destroy the recordings and threw it into the Vistula river. After a few months they managed to fish them out - informs TVP Info.

The former prime minister and former president on the recordings talk mainly about the case of secret CIA prisons in Poland. There was also a plot of the Rywin affair. Miller is clearly dissatisfied that he agreed to set up an invastigation commission in this matter. The former president expresses the view that this decision helped the Platforma Obywatelska party and the government of Donald Tusk to defend himself against political responsibility after the outbreak of the gambling scandal in 2009.

This is the content of the conversation published on its website by “TVP Info”:

Leszek Miller: …that I then agreed to the investigation committee, to all that followed. Some f..king amuck. We should not agree with that, f..k.

Aleksander Kwaśniewski: But you know, you are a pioneer

Leszek Miller: (laughs) I feel honored

Aleksander Kwaśniewski: Thanks to you, Tusk should be grateful, he was able to avoid a few reefs …

Leszek Miller: He practiced this…

Aleksander Kwaśniewski: I mean, it was practiced for him. After all, I know how it took place after this gambling scandal. You know how it was. He called on Ostachowicz to analyze everything Miller did wrong. They closed themselves for some time, 48 hours without leaving and they brought a five-point receipt. The receipt looked like this: the first - to reprimand everyone whose names appear in the case, without any … The second point - to set up a investigation commision, but in a composition controlled by the Platforma. Point three - choose the most trustworthy and reliable person for the chairman, regardless of press comments - Sekuła. The fourth point - the prime minister should appear at a moment which he considers to be appropriate and torment the commission with his testimonies. He appeared and eight hours, it seems, he was talking, everyone was so heartily fed up that they begged it to end … but you know, he defended himself, and the matter was more serious than yours, because it involved so many people from the government that this government could actually explode.

Leszek Miller: But you see, let’s be happy that our successors are people who benefit from experience.

Aleksander Kwaśniewski: Even bad experiences that a person has accumulated – it’s good, if they serve someone…

Leszek Miller: Sure…

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