Poland – Lotto will recognize the player’s age thanks to AI

STX Next is a Poznań based company that prepares solutions for Totalizator Sportowy to predict a person’s age based on a photo. This is to prevent minors from playing.

The Govtech Polska program connects those who want to solve socially significant problems using modern IT and technology solutions. They use the competition formula to invite public entities, entrepreneurs and citizens to cooperate. The main body is the public sector, which reports challenges and looks for ways to meet them. One of the tasks announced on the platform is to create an application that uses artificial intelligence for automatic age verification in self-service machines for selling Lotto games and lotteries.

STX Next applied for the competition. It prepares a solution using AI to predict the player’s age based on a photo and optical character recognition for automatic extraction of content from an ID document scan. The whole solution will work completely without a network connection in the IoT infrastructure using micro controllers.

How will the face recognition system work exactly? It is based on solutions used in the area of image recognition and on a computing module for building edge devices in the internet of things and smart city. Using deep neural networks, the system estimates the client’s age based on a face photo. If you are dealing with a person under the age of 18 or if the estimation is burdened with a high probability of error, then a second verification step is required. It involves the automatic extraction of data from a photo of an ID card provided by the customer. Using this two-step process, the system verifies if the customer is an adult or not.

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