Poland – Lottomat in the store will attract customers

The sale of Lotto tickets works perfectly in grocery stores, where a lot of people go every day to buy them when dealing with other matters.

According to Totalizator Sportowy, retailers interest in running Lotto sales outlets is not weakening. TS also lists the requirements that an entrepreneur who wants to launch a lottery must meet. One of the main conditions is the right location, which must have high sales potential. Currently, Totalizator Sportowy cooperates with companies from the fuel industry, kiosks and commercial networks (including Polomarket, Żabka and Carrefour).

To cooperate with Totalizator Sportowy, you must submit an application form. It will be analyzed for location. The entrepreneur will be notified of the decision issued within 30 days of submitting the application form. In the case of a positive decision to launch the point, an agency contract is signed. The last thing is the launch of the point of sale in the store.

Required documents

The signing of the contract for operating a point of sale with the Totalizator Sportowy company requires the submission of documents, which are: an extract from the National Court Register (KRS) current excerpt or an entry in the business register extended by the current PKD number or an electronic excerpt from CEIDG – extended by the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD 46.18.Z or 46.19Z) current number and the agent’s statement that the company’s business is also activities related to games of chance and mutual wagering, in the absence of information in the National Court Register disclosure; photocopy of the REGON identification number certificate; photocopy of the decision on issuing the NIP; consent of the building owner / administrator for the installation of a GSM or satellite antenna.

The documents should be submitted to the branch of the company after receiving permission to launch the point of sale.

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