Poland – Ministry of Finance should examine the legality of bookmakers’ capital

Ministry of Finance – in accordance with the statutory obligation – should comprehensively examine the legality of foreign bookmakers registering their business. It is an element necessary to issue a permit. This particularly applies to those entities that have operated illegally over the years, asserted by the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs (FPP).

Changes to the Gambling Act introduced in 2017 – first and foremost blocking the pages of illegal bookmakers – have caused foreign operators to register their activities in Poland. However, it turns out that these entities are often related in terms of capital and personality and identify themselves with the same logotypes or trademarks as foreign operators operating in the grey area over the years. Therefore, it is necessary for the Ministry of Finance and relevant state services to undertake such operational activities that will allow for proper enforcement of the provisions of the Gambling Act, according to the FPP.

    These entities did not bear any responsibility for the previous violations of the regulations and long-term avoidance of paying taxes, despite the huge profits in Poland. It is first of all necessary to stop issuing permits for conducting mutual bets to entities that violated the provisions of the Act. For entities that committed infringements and registered their activities – withdrawal of the permit – we read in the statement.

FPP vice chairman Mariusz Korzeb indicates that despite the statutory obligation, the Ministry of Finance in practice does not examine the legality of the bookmakers capital, that are applying for the permission, although it is an element necessary to issue a permit.

    The presented relationships between registered companies in Poland and foreign operators justify the presumption that the founders’ capital of operators, who recently obtained permission from the Ministry of Finance to operate in the field of mutual betting, comes from funds obtained illegally from gambling on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The disclosure of such violations must result in the refusal of the authorization or its withdrawal if it has been issued. In addition, due to the lack of appropriate regulations, newly created operators make enormous use of databases containing accounts and information about users that were created at a time when these companies were violating the provisions of the Gambling Act in an open and ruthless manner. As a result, we have a situation where until recently illegally operating operators use illegally obtained data of users and are currently directing their offers to them – said Korzeb, quoted in the statement.

Ministry of Finance can not accept a practice that is not only inconsistent with the gambling law, but also hits representatives of the legal market – the Federation concluded.

The Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs is an organization whose main goal is to ensure proper development and security for both employers and employees.

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