Poland – New gaming salon in Lublin opened

At the end of the year, Totalizator Sportowy opened the first slot machine salon in Lublin. Place after the hair salon at Chopin street now has a new tenant.

Only adults are admitted to the salon, and each of them must sign up as a guest or player at the reception, including address. At the time of registration, you must declare the amount and time you intend to spend on entertainment. There are several machines on the premises, so-called one-armed bandits. Players register, IT infrastructure and devices are managed by a nationwide system. Totalizator declares that the machines and the IT system are secured against unauthorized interference, and the players are protected.

Ultimately, within 4-5 years Totalizator Sportowy can launch up to 38 thousand automatic machines cooperating with the IT management center and available in game salons around the country
– we read on the company’s website.

If the idea is liked by the Lubliners, it is possible to double the salon area.

Every one in three Poles over 15 years of age had experience of playing for money – according to CBOS research from 2015. The most popular games included the number games of Totalizator Sportowy. Symptoms of gambling addiction occurred in 5.3% Poles.

Slot machines are the main source of gambling addiction. Nearly 90% of my patients are mainly addicted to playing machines
– emphasizes Dr. Bernadeta Lelonek-Kuleta, a specialist in addiction psychotherapy and an employee of the Public Health Department at the Catholic University of Lublin.

From 1st of April 2017, Totalizator Sportowy has a monopoly on the organization of gambling outside of casinos. A month later, this state-owned company launched a pilot program in which gaming salons are set up throughout Poland. One-armed bandits outside of them are being exterminated by the state.

During the 11 months of last year customs and tax services carried out in the Lubelskie Voivodeship almost 140 inspections and stopped almost 380 machines, including miniaturized devices, which in the event of inspection, can be quickly stored in a suitcase. The penalty for profiting from illegal gambling is PLN 100,000 from each machine.

Salons with slot machines are especially popular in criminal environments. Some of them functioned and still operate in the gray area. In many of them drugs and alcohol are the norm. State-owned gaming centers are an attempt to solve this problem. The premise was this: do not take away this entertainment, but make it more secure
– says Dr. Bernadeta Lelonek-Kuleta.

In addition to salons, slot machines can still be found in casinos. Licenses for their functioning are issued by the Ministry of Finance, and the location is reviewed by municipal or city councils.

There is one casino in the Victoria Hotel in Lublin. The second until last year was located at Kowalska street, but it was closed due to the expiration of the concession. Gambling will be able to return there after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Finance.

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