Poland – NobleBet, a new bookmaker on the market

The Polish Bookmaker company launched its online sales via the website www.noblebet.pl on 19th of September.

The site of the new bookmaker looks very … “exclusive”. The brand’s ambassador is Sir Richard McCavin, an elderly man with a gray long beard, who is wearing an elegant suit and is shown in several places on the website. And what else?

Of course, the welcome bonus is the first thing players look at after the start of a new operator. NobleBet offers a Premium Welcome Package, in which the equivalent is PLN 1,650. More details on this topic here.

The new bookmaker is also full of other attractions. The “PLN 50 extra from turnover” promotion is aimed at ambitious players who are constantly improving their profits. The promotion is very simple. Make a 1000 PLN net turnover within one week and you will receive a 50 PLN bonus.

Another promotion is “Subsidiary Bets“, in which they reward winning combination coupons every day, up to PLN 500. Build the perfect combination of a minimum of 3 (or more) selections to enjoy additional funds:

  • to the bet with 3 selections, they add 5% to the winnings
  • to the bet with 4 selections, they add 10% to the winnings
  • to the bet with 5 selections, they add 15% to the winnings
  • to a bet with 6 selections or more, they add 20% to the winnings

From the technological innovations in NobleBet we will find the option Cash-out, which allows “closing” bets during the event and quick payouts.

We wish the new bookmaker good luck on the Polish market and we hope that he will be able to offer us a unique experience related to sports betting.

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