Poland – PLN 400 billion loss on taxes according to Modzelewski

The loss of PLN 400 billion on taxes in 2008-15 is a very cautious estimate – assesses prof. Witold Modzelewski, head of the Institute of Tax Studies, introducing the report in which this amount appeared.

During the Monday press conference, deputy head of the parliamentary finance commission, Janusz Szewczak (PiS), said that according to the report of the Tax Studies Institute at the disposal of the commission, in 2008-2015 the tax administration was turning a blind eye to the robbery of tax revenues, which can be estimated at least PLN 400 billion.

Szewczak added that it was possible to talk about PLN 250-260 billion in VAT losses in 2008-2015, PLN 100-150 billion in losses under unpaid excise duties and PLN 20 billion from non-collection of gambling taxes.

Head of the Institute of Tax Studies prof. Witold Modzelewski confirms this data. He also points out that

“Tax losses do not only result from the fact that someone does not pay, although he has such an obligation, but also from the fact that the government gives a gift in the form of creating a law that favors tax evasion.”

According to the professor, the estimated loss on VAT in the years 2008-15 at the level of 250-260 billion PLN is realistic. In the case of losses on excise tax, “very cautious estimate” says about PLN 100 billion. “This is a very cautious estimate related to the restoration of basic effectiveness, about 4 percent GDP, which at some point was, and then decreased, so it would be estimate without taking into account the potential level of income “- emphasizes prof. Modzelewski.

“In the case of gambling tax, he adds, currently it is about PLN 1.5 billion a year for the whole gambling. And the most careful estimates say that there should be at least twice as much – PLN 3-3.5 billion a year “

– he underlines.

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