Poland – Prime Minister Morawiecki announces the creation of a gambling zone

Due to lower than expected revenues from the implementation of the state’s monopoly in the gambling industry, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki decided to set up a new gambling zone, which will not be subject to the restriction resulting from the Gambling Act.

Edit: Unfortunately, we must admit that it is a joke on the April Fool’s day. However, we hope that one day the gambling market in Poland will normalize..

The new zone will cover the Tri-City and its borders. According to the latest information, the gambling zone will not be subject to restrictions under the Gambling Act, and the only regulations that will apply to gaming centers are those regarding fire safety.

In his last speech, Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasizes that once again he became convinced that the private sector creates the only profitable and logical business model for every democratic state.

“The first results of inflows from the so-called gambling monopoly are not satisfactory. The reborn Polish state has once again become convinced that the private sector together with its capital and technological base creates the only profitable and logical business model for each country with a democratic system. Therefore, we are working on the creation of an economic zone for the gambling industry, in which the provisions of the Gambling Act will not apply. Its location will include Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, along with a 10-kilometer strip surrounding these cities.”

The new gambling zone is to be created later this year. Preparations are in place to help gambling companies apply for the construction permits of new casinos and special modes of tenders for the creation of new casinos in existing locations belonging to the city.

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