Poland – Pudzianowski’s BetFan started in the „Wielka Warszawska” event

Mariusz Pudzianowski probably dealt with everything in his life. In addition to running a transport company, which owns a fairly large number of trucks, and willingly undertaking agricultural work, he is also known for his vocal and dance performances.

Pudzian is still looking for new passions and, to the delight of fans, boasts about it on Instagram. He just published a photo in which we see him while practicing the next hobby. This time, the MMA fighter puts on horse riding. The athlete also put up his horse during the closing season of the Wielka Warszawska at the Służewiec Track.

Betfan made it! For a two years old he did well. We will work with him a bit more and it will be great
– Pudzian wrote on the internet, explaining at the same time that his new hobby is associated with lucrative cooperation with a bookmaking company.

BETFAN pudzianowskiI joined the BETFAN team! And don’t You think I’m only some kind of ambassador or talking head. I will be part of a very cool project. For me, this is a black horse on the Polish legal betting market! The same kind in which I invested. He will compete on the horse track in Poland, and maybe abroad. – explains Pudzianowski

I must admit that I’m very excited. I am looking forward to the next performance of my pupil, whom I could not name otherwise than Betfan – we read, and Pudelek.pl quotes these words.

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