Poland – The state online casino is a chance for Cracov

The government crusade against gambling has led to a situation in which you can not legally play online for example in poker in Poland for a few months. Regulations have also become an opportunity for foreign technology companies that have located their centers in our country.

– It is estimated that the global online casino games market will reach revenues of USD 51.96 billion this year, which means a doubling of the 2009 sum. Against the background of the global industry, Cracov is emerging as one of the largest production and technology centers in Europe. This is where online casino games are created, offered by leading bookmakers and systems that process tens of thousands of bookmakers on offer – says Krzysztof Opałka from Yggdrasil Poland.

In the capital of Małopolska province there are over 1000 jobs in online gambling companies. This includes global companies that have located headquarters or branches in Cracov, apply for a government contract for the supply of games for the state online casino created by Totalizator Sportowy.

All revenues from its operations will be added to the State Treasury

A company that earns on the delivery of technology must first meet the hard conditions set by Totalizator Sportowy. In addition to hiring experienced staff and several years of presence on the market, each company has to pay PLN 1 million bid bond, prove a turnover of EUR 5 million GGR per year (revenue after deduction of won players) and have an insurance policy for PLN 25 million.

The tender was announced at the end of August last year, but the offer was only opened on November 6. For this reason, the service launch date has shifted significantly. Initially, it was planned for the first quarter of this year, but it is already known that it should be expected no earlier than at the turn of the third and fourth quarters of 2018.

source: money.pl

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