Poland – STS has partnered with RTSmunity

STS, the biggest Polish bookmaker, has established a new partnership with the RTSmunity esports data company to further increase its presence in the sports betting sector.

STS is a leader in combining traditional bookmaking standards with e-sports, being the first bookmaker to sponsor a single player. Cooperation with RTSmunity will be a continuation of the company’s growing reputation in this sector, providing more data and analysis in the Dota, CS: GO and League of Legends leagues.

Celebrating the new partnership, Mateusz Juroszek, CEO of STS, emphasized: “Seeing the development of e-sport not only in Poland but around the world, it is natural to increase our presence in this field. That’s why we joined forces with people from RTSmunity.

“This cooperation allows us to have a wide range of markets, covering all major e-sports events, such as Dreamhack and Intel Extreme Masters. The complex market offer, tournament coverage and 95% working time are the key things we are looking for. We are convinced that e-sport has great potential and together with RTSmunity we will dominate in this. ”

STS continues to use the growing popularity of e-sport, and in the last few years more than tenfold increasing its revenues, and this increase is attributed to the development of a competitive sports department.

CEO of RTSmunity, Pavol Krasnovský, added: “Just as we consider RTSmunity as the leader in providing e-sports courses, we consider STS as the leader in the European bookmaking market. That is why we decided to initiate this cooperation and provide clients with a full coverage of e-sports titles and tournaments.

“Esports is a very dynamically developing area, the same applies to our company. Our mathematicians and programmers are constantly working on new ways to analyze e-sports leagues, so that we can constantly expand our offer and range of events and aspects of the game. An e-sports viewer base and investment in this field is just a glance at what e-sport will become in five or ten years. ”

Despite operating mainly on the domestic market, STS expanded into many other European markets in February last year, with “plans for further international expansion” in the future.

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