Poland – Superbet will be online in 2019

Superbet zakłady bukmacherskie offers legal bookmaker bets on ground points in Poland for 9 months. Unfortunately, we still can not bet with Superbet via a website or a mobile device.

Today, it is known that the planned date of launching online bets, which was on the third quarter of 2018, will not be implemented.

    “We operate in accordance with an agreed and precise schedule, but time verifies plans and despite the full involvement of our developers in the IT projects, the dates declared had to change.”

– informs the CEO of Superbet Polska, Aleš Dobeš.

Work is still under way on an innovative platform that is to move the level of bets in Poland to a higher level.

    “We want our services to be refined in every aspect and tailored to the very demanding Polish betting market. Intensive work on the online platform, which still requires testing, is underway. We want it to operate without any problems when it enters the market. It is only when we are sure that all issues related to entering the online market work perfectly, then we will submit relevant documents to the Ministry of Finance. We predict that it will be the fourth quarter of this year. “

– assures Dobeš

It is a pity that the promised deadline could not be met, but we welcome the decision to postpone it in order to clarify all of them. We are waiting for the final product, which hopefully will provide Poles with many new emotions and experiences related to sports betting.

At the moment, Superbet has opened in Poland more than 50 stationary points, the standard of which is at a very high level, and work is still underway to raise the bar.

    “In the meantime, we are increasing the standard of ground points, including the latest forms of communication with the client – additional screens that replace traditional posters. We plan to introduce a new format for presenting the betting offer that will revolutionize its current appearance and significantly facilitate betting. “

– adds Superbet Polska

The company’s vision is to provide customers with the best experience, listening to the opinions of their clients and responding to their expectations.

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