Poland – The gambling industry development is not threatened

The development of the gambling machines industry in the coming years is not threatened, the Ministry of Finance is not working on changing the law in this respect – the Ministry of Finance informed PAP.

The Ministry of Finance was asked by PAP if it noticed problems that inhibit the development of the legal gambling machines industry in Poland.

The resort reminds that according to the Gambling Act, the arrangement of slot machine games in casinos is allowed on the basis of the relevant license, while the state monopoly in the field of slot machine games outside the casino is performed in salons run by Totalizator Sportowy.

“From mid-2018, Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o. regularly launches more premises with slot machines. At the end of 2019, 202 slot games salons operated, in which 1,209 slot machines were operated. Considering the statutory limit regarding the location of gaming salons (…), the development of this industry in the coming years is not threatened, “MF informed.

“The Minister of Finance as a regulator in the field of gambling monitors and analyzes the gambling market on an ongoing basis” – he added.

According to MF data last year, tax revenues to the budget from gaming machines amounted to PLN 16 million 701 thousand. The ministry referred to the question of whether the Ministry of Finance sees the need to increase budget revenues in this respect and whether, therefore, it is working on changing the law in this respect.

“The regulation of the gambling market is intended to limit and prevent irregularities in gambling, protect the interests of players and counteract threats that are associated with this market, such as fraud, money laundering or penetration by organized crime, “the response was highlighted.

“The Ministry of Finance is not working on changing the law in the field of slot machine games. Currently, as part of the draft amending the act – Customs law and some other acts, the act on gambling is being amended. The content of the legislative proposal within the scope of the Act on gambling includes formalization, simplification and shortening of procedures in the scope of activities carried out by the authorities of the National Tax Administration, including control activities “- the Ministry explained.

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