Poland – The player who won 193 million PLN in Eurojackpot has just collected the money

The player who won PLN 193 million in Eurojackpot in May, collected his money; He dreams about an expedition to the south of Europe, although he will spend his holiday in Poland – said Totalizator Sportowy on Wednesday.

Totalizator Sportowy (TS) reminds that in May Poland was informed that in the Eurojackpot draw, at the rate of PLN 390 million (EUR 90 million), two main prizes were won, including one in Poland. Its value is up to PLN 193 million 396 thousand 500 (EUR 45 million). This is the Polish national record for the amount of the prize.

The monopolist reported that the coupon owner just collected the money. The company also remarked that, by way of exception, TS decided to set aside the mystery and bring the person who chose the lucky numbers closer. Totalizator reported that when a player received money in one of the company’s branches, he was asked for some information related to the game’s method, favorite games or plans for the future.

“The player admitted that he trusted his luck in games, although when he held a coupon worth over PLN 193 million, he could not believe what he saw. He checked his numbers several times on the internet to make sure. When asked about the style of game, the winner mentioned that he usually plays at random. On the day of the Eurojackpot draw, however, felt the impulse that led him to the LOTTO point and selected lucky numbers: 5, 7, 15, 19, 29 and 3 and 8 “- informed TS.

“He added that winning would certainly change his life. Plans to build a house and travel. He dreams about an expedition to the south of Europe, although he will spend his next holiday in Poland, “we read in the statement.

According to TS information, the May win in the Piotrków Trybunalski poviat was the highest in the history of Eurojackpot in Poland. In June last year, PLN 25.5 million had been won with a coupon submitted in Świeradów-Zdrój, over PLN 7.1 million won with a coupon sent in December 2017 in Wiązowna Lubelska, and PLN 5.8 million coupon sent in November 2017 in Radomsko . However, the win in the amount of almost PLN 5 million took place in July 2018 – coupon containing lucky numbers had been sent in Kaźmierz.

Now PLN 230 million to win

Totalizator pointed out that on Friday the pot for the highest winnings in Eurojackpot can be up to 230 million PLN.

There are 12 winnings in Eurojackpot – the most of all LOTTO games. Winnings equal to and higher than EUR 10 million are paid in EUR and, on player’s wish, in PLN. The remaining prizes are paid in PLN. TS stressed that the winnings recorded in Poland are increased by a surplus from the favorable exchange rate of the PLN to EUR.

You can play Eurojackpot in Poland from September 9th, 2017. In turn, from December 5th, 2018, game coupons can also be bought online at www.lotto.pl. For Poland to join the group of 17 countries in which this game was already available, amendment to the Gambling Act was necessary.

Apart from Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Italy and Hungary participate in Eurojackpot.

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