Poland – The Senate will deal with the gambling law

The Senate opened a three-day meeting yesterday. Among the topics of the debate is the amendment to the Gambling Act. The amendment is a reaction of the Sejm Committee for Petitions to a petition of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society.

The Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society postulated that funds from the Physical Culture Development Fund could also be allocated to the development of social tourism, conducive to physical activity of citizens.

So far, these funds have been earmarked for the reconstruction, renovation and co-financing of sports facilities investments, developing sports among children, young people and people with disabilities.

There is an amendment to the Gambling Act, which makes it possible to finance, from the funds of physical culture development, also social tourism. There is also the law on foreigners, which introduces the EU directive from 2016 – said Stanisław Karczewski, the Speaker of the Senate.

It extends the list of objectives for which the funds of the Physical Culture Development Fund may be allocated, and the expenditure supporting the development of social tourism. Thanks to this, it will be possible to increasing the availability of cheap accommodation base and improving the infrastructure of tourist routes.

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