Poland – The tax office runs a campaign against gambling

A nationwide campaign of the National Fiscal Administration in the area of illegal gambling and running of gambling has started.

Recognizing the threat of addiction to gambling, the National Tax Administration has launched the information and educational campaign “HAZARD? Nie, dziękuję!” (“Gambling? No, thanks!” – ed.). The aim of the activities is to reduce the number of people involved in the illegal gambling and management of gambling, including the Internet, and to raise the awareness of young people about the risks of gambling and, consequently, addiction to gambling.

Research carried out by CBOS confirms that among the gamblers playing illegal games, the number of children and youth is increasing. Persons under 18 years of age are 2.8% of all players, and people aged 18 to 24 constitute 13.4% of players.

The subject matter of the campaign also takes into account the problem of Internet usage by entities illegally organizing gambling games.

The sense of anonymity on the Internet favors criminals. Crime on the Internet is not only about Silk Road, phishing, fraud or piracy, but also illegal gambling, which is supported by the fact that the Internet knows no state borders. What is forbidden in one country can be completely legal in another. We are struggling with this very phenomenon in Poland. It mainly concerns mutual wagering. As at the beginning of October this year there are ten registered companies in Poland that can legally offer mutual betting (eg. betting on football matches) online.

Gambling is an extremely lucrative economic activity, which in all countries in the world is subject to – more or less restrictive – legal regulation. The state legal regulation of gambling is performed due to social considerations, including the real threat of gambling addiction. Also in Poland, the organization and conduct of gambling games are regulated and supervised by the state. The basic act of law regulating this area is the Act of November 19th, 2009 on Gambling Games.

The organization and conduct of activities in the field of games of chance, mutual bets and slot machine games are allowed only on the terms set out in the Gambling Act. This Act introduces a number of conditions and restrictions on the activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling.

As part of the campaign, the tax administration chamber plans to organize educational lessons in schools in all voivodships.

The finale of the action is planned at the end of June 2019.

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