Poland – The tax office will get millions from the Pole who won the Eurojackpot

10% tax will be paid by a lucky winner who won over PLN 190 million in Eurojackpot. Issues regarding tax on winnings are regulated in the Income Tax Act.

In accordance with the provisions of this Act, the tax has to be paid from the revenues that were obtained in competitions, games, and also as prizes during the bonus sale. It does not matter whether this win was paid in Poland or in one of the European Union countries.

The tax on winning is collected on a lump sum. It is 10 percent of the prize value. This means that if we win in a competition or lottery, we do not have to pay the tax alone.

The organizer of the lottery, which pays the winnings on its own, will pay 10 percent to the tax office. In this situation, this income does not need to be disclosed in the annual tax return. This is exactly what the lucky winner, who collected over 190 million zlotys on Friday, is waiting for. The Treasury will get more than PLN 19 million from this prize.

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