Poland – The World Cup activates an occasional player

It would seem that if the World Cup is starting, bookmakers are very optimistic. However, the chairman of STS board Mateusz Juroszek claims that it looks a bit different. And by the way, he talks about how his clients evaluate the possibilities of Polish representation in the Russian tournament.

– What attractions STS prepared for the World Cup for fans?

– Our players can already feel the World Cup emotions. We have launched new promotions specifically for the world championships. In the main game, we have PLN 1 million to win – says Juroszek. – It is enough to choose the correct result of 13 out of 20 meetings of the World Cup group stage and then the participation in the division of the seven-digit prize takes place. We will also be able to offer our users many activations during the World Cup. In addition, we take our best clients for matches to Russia. We also have a promotion for people who are looking for Adam Nawałka’s team. For every player who bets PLN 100 on the fact that Poland will be in the quarterfinals, we will pay half the rate if the white-and-reds had to say goodbye to the World Cup earlier.

– Is there spirit in the nation? Poles are happy to bet that we will win the World Cup?

– Of course, Poles like to bet on big tournaments with their hearts. They treat it as entertainment, a form of play and representation support. For example, 96% of our clients believe in Poland’s victory over Japan, 80% of players believe in winning with Senegal. On the other hand – 70% of players think that Colombia will defeat Poland. But what’s interesting, from individual coupons to matches, we leave the group, but now in a separate wager over 50% of our customers bet that we will not leave. Another thing is that one of the players has a coupon that Poland will be the world champion. If it did, he would get several thousand PLN.

– And what are the most courageous bets on the world championships in general terms, not only when it comes to Poles?

– Recently we have accepted the bet that Panama will be the world champion. The customer put PLN 5,000. If Panama wins the World Cup, he will earn PLN 4.4 million. The offer on the World Cup is wide. We have dedicated wagers profiled for each country taking part in the tournament. There are many ways to bet.

– For the sportsbooking industry, the World Cup is probably the time of harvest.

– There is a belief that the period before the big football event is an eldorado for bookmakers. In the meantime, it looks different in reality. In the course of the world championships national leagues are on hold, events are definitely less. Therefore, the opportunity to bet is also less. Only that the World Cup activates another type of player – an occasional player who only wins during international tournaments. The increase in the number of such customers is very noticeable. We are a strong, recognizable and the largest bookmaking brand in the country. We are also an official partner of the Polish national football team, which makes us the bookmaker of the first choice. It must be remembered, however, that such new people will play only a few times in June and July, and next time they will only return to Euro 2020.

– The number of bets depends on the success of the Polish national team at the tournament? Did that occur two years ago during the finals of the European championship in France?

– It is beyond doubt. Emotions have a very big impact on the players’ attitude. Poles’ victories in the first matches will cause euphoria in the nation, and this will have a bearing on typing. If the team works well at the beginning of the World Cup, it will be easier to succeed and this will affect the number of bets.

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