Poland – Totalizator is looking for a marketing research provider in the tender

Totalizator Sportowy has launched a tender for marketing research. The contract with the selected company – or several – will be concluded for 24 months, with the possibility of extension for another 12 months.

At the tender stage, Totalizator requires participating companies to submit a research concept for a mandatory task and two additional tasks to choose from – out of four. Briefs will make available to companies directly participating in the proceedings. Totalizator does not specify at this stage what the tests will be and how many will be during the contract.

To identify the situation, the company indicates projects that it implemented in 2018 and 2019. They were, among others quantitative U&A research, communication research – qualitative pretests for the concept of positioning and brand communication, research on the potential of new products, concept tests, customer satisfaction surveys, brand monitoring, etc.

The research will include, among others consumer experience related to the world of Lotto games, support for the development and implementation of lottery products, the world of categories and target group, development of digital solutions, etc.

The tender lasts until November 22nd this year, and the condition of participation in it is payment of PLN 5 thousand security deposit. Totalizator plans to choose a maximum of 8 companies with which it will negotiate.

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