Poland – Totalizator Sportowy is looking for new games rooms premises

In connection with the obligation to implement the provisions of the Gambling Act, Polish domestic monopolist Totalizator Sportowy is still looking for premises for the purpose of operating games rooms.

Below are three basic stages of conduct, according to which the potential owner of the premises where such activity can be conducted, may apply for the presentation of his offer.

Stage I – application of the premises

If you have a place that you want to rent for the purpose of running the Games Room, please fill out the application form. The completed application form will be automatically placed in the address database and will be given a number, which will be notified electronically to the e-mail address provided in the form. In the case of contact with Totalizator Sportowy regarding the premises, please use the number provided in the return e-mail.

Stage II – Analysis and verification of the application

The application form received by the company will be analyzed in terms of compliance with the assumptions for the development of the Gaming Machines network.

The representative of Totalizator Sportowy will verify the location indicated in the form in terms of the possibility of launching the Games Room. You will be notified of the decision made by e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided in the form.

Totalizator Sportowy is interested only in renting premises for the purpose of slot machine games.

Stage III – Cooperation

If the premises submitted after the verification have been successfully completed, the company will present the terms of cooperation and further steps to the bidder, including information on completing and submitting the relevant documentation.

To start the procedure, complete the form on the Totoalizator Sportowy website and submit it for verification.

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