Poland – Totalizator Sportowy launches a new page

The graphic design of the site has been changed, interesting solutions have been introduced and the most important information about the company is posted, as well as job offers presented, the latest tenders, information on great prizes and many other important events on which this state-owned company is present.

After more than 60 years of activity on the lottery market, Totalizator Sportowy entered new areas of the gaming market. It started to function fully in the world of new technologies and e-commerce market thanks to the amended Gambling Act in 2017. The first noticeable change was the introduction of the European Eurojackpot game as early as 2017. The year 2018 is the launch of a network of slot games salons outside casinos, an online casino, and the introduction of selected LOTTO games for online sales.

Totalizator Sportowy

We are constantly improving the current offer, expanding the sales network, looking for innovative solutions, we care for the safety of the players, we support Polish sport and national culture. Totalizator Sportowy is also a trustworthy and reliable employer, which has interesting proposals for people representing many different specializations
– informs the press office of Totalizator Sportowy.

Totalizator Sportowy develops not only new areas but also itself. It constantly improves the current offer, expands the sales network, looks for innovative solutions, cares about the safety of players, with increasing involvement supports Polish sport and national culture, but is also a popular employer that has interesting proposals for people representing many different professions.

You will find out about all the company’s operations details, but also job offers, tenders, large prizes and many other matters, from reading the materials posted on the www.totalizator.pl website.

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