Poland - Totalizator Sportowy opened a gaming room in Bialystok

In total, about 50 arcade slot machines will include a pilot project implemented by Totalizator Sportowy. On Friday, this salon, in which there are nearly 50 machines to play, was opened in Bialystok. It is an entertainment for adults, after registration with an identity document.

Totalizator Sportowy (TS) introduces slot machine games based on the amended Gambling Act, implementing the state’s monopoly in this area.

The Bialystok gaming salon is the fourth in Poland, opened by TS - after Bydgoszcz and Krzeszowice (in June) and Warsaw (July). There are almost 50 slot machines.

    This is another, different business model that we have prepared, and therefore a solution that is almost fully filling the statutory possibilities - said the president of Totalizator Sportowy Olgierd Cieślik on Friday in Białystok.

Taking into account the facilities in Bydgoszcz, Krzeszowice and Warsaw, Totalizator Sportowy has recorded a total of over PLN 3 million in turnover in them (this is turnover on machines, not real money paid); almost one thousand players are registered.

    So, however, this demand for this kind of entertainment exists - said CEO Cieślik.

The average cost of operating the salon was estimated at PLN 1 million.

He reminded that the pilot project is to cover over 1.2 thousand slot machines throughout the country.

    This pilot is to give us an answer to the question of which of the business models selected by us will function and which will be attractive so that in the future we can adapt these models in Poland to the customer. So that he would be satisfied with our services and take part in the entertainment we propose “- added the president of TS.

Asked what he means, when talking about business models, Olgierd Cieślik said that it is, among others, to adjust the size of the salon and the type of entertainment offered to local needs.

    I think that this time until the end of the year will be a period of such intensive analysis - he added.

Recalling the statutory provisions, CEO Cieślik reminded that there was a total ban on the promotion of slot machine games.

The player who wants to play on machines must register in the salon, that is, fill out a form in which you must provide your name, PESEL, date and place of birth and address of residence. It is also necessary to answer the question about the source of livelihood, and also to make a statement whether you are a politically exposed person, a member of such a person’s family or a colleague.

President Cieślik expressed hope that there will be no effect observed, eg in Norway, where after the introduction of monopoly and statutory restrictions, such as the need to register a player, the turnover decreased to a quarter.

    We will see how it will function in Poland. I hope that this will not be so big and that after the pilot it will turn out that - as much as possible - there is a demand for this entertainment and we will be able to develop this network - he said.

Totalizator Sportowy assumes that ultimately, within 4-5 years, it will be able to launch approx. 38,000 machines cooperating with the IT management center on the market and available in game salons around the country.

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