Poland – Totalizator Sportowy spent PLN 131.7 million for advertising last year

Totalizator Sportowy allocated PLN 131.7 million to advertising in 2018 – according to information published in the annual report of the company filed in the National Court Register. It was 6.94 percent more than in 2017.

Expenses of the company on so-called public advertising (as specified in the report) amounted to PLN 131,703,796.16 in 2018. It was 6.94 percent more than in 2017, when the company earmarked PLN 127,075,765.66 for this purpose. Last year advertising spending accounted for 2.72 percent of all costs, and a year earlier – 2.81 percent.

The total marketing costs of Totalizator in 2018 amounted to PLN 143 736 084.65. The most of them were expenditures on non-standard advertising activities – PLN 29.4 million, TV advertising – PLN 26.9 million and online advertising – PLN 26.4 million. The company spent PLN 22.6 million on advertising on the radio, PLN 7 million on outdoor advertising – PLN 5.2 million in the press. Funds for sponsorship amounted to PLN 4.9 million.

ATL creations cost Totalizator PLN 9.2 million, and the remaining advertising materials – PLN 9.8 million. In turn, the company spent PLN 2.2 million on marketing research.


Lotto supported the most

As the company explains in the report submitted in the National Court Register, most of the marketing activities carried out in the previous year was related to the implementation of advertising campaigns for the Lotto brand (on television, radio, the press and the Internet as well as through non-standard actions) and a media house commission.

Other expenses include the preparation and production of advertising campaigns in cooperation with advertising agencies, the printing of advertising materials and the production of gadgets.

The highest position of marketing expenditures was ambient, which are non-standard forms of advertising, this category of costs includes, among others, Lotto and Totalizator advertising on various types of events, advertising on LED screens in supermarkets, production of advertising spots, wrapping collection points with foil, press conferences.
The company’s participation in various events was an active promotion of the Lotto trade brand, the effect of which is to strengthen brand awareness as the one that actively supports sport and culture, and nurtures tradition and national heritage. Operating in this area, the company is primarily guided by the implementation of the social mission designated to TS by the legislator and the cost effectiveness of marketing services
– the report says.

In addition to these activities, Totalizator has carried out numerous advertising campaigns focusing on Lotto products, including significant communication support directed to the Scratch Cards, for which activities were carried out involving the implementation of an advertising campaign, contextual actions at points of sale or the brand’s participation in events.

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