Poland – Traf – a new bookmaker on the market

At the end of July, a new bookmaker company debuted on the Polish market – Traf Zakłady Wzajemne Sp. z o.o.

The company has already received the license to set up betting on the internet last year. On the main page of the website, https://www.trafonline.pl/, we can get acquainted with the bookmaker’s offer. While players expected a classic sports betting offer, the new Traf.pl form, which only has horse races in it’s offer, surprised potential users a bit.

Trafonline.pl is an innovative website that offers races from TWK Służewiec, WTWK Partynice, as well as from the French Tracks. In the first installment, the bookmaker offers single-race bets, such as: ordinary (ZWC), two (DWJ), order (PDK), three (TRJ) and four (CZW), soon multi-race bets will be available: seventh (SPT), fifth ( KWN), triple (TPL), double (DBL). Of course, all kinds of races are being broadcasted on the website, and the prize pool is shared with the land-based betting network.

Traf currently has about 50 ground points in Poland, and another 30 is waiting in line. From unofficial sources it is known that the company’s long-term plans also assume the opening of a “classic bookmaker”. However, at the moment the company is focusing on horse racing.

As for my short experience with the company, the only problem I have now encountered is having trouble entering the bank account number in the registration form. However, after dealing with it, the rest of the process went smoothly.

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