Police shuts down another luxury casino in Kyiv

Ukraine’s Police disclosed and shut downs an illegal luxury casino in Kyiv. The gambling venue was located in a building adjacent to the hotel in the Pechersk district.

The casino was divided into several areas: a slot machine hall, a hall with roulette tables and a poker room. There were two entrances, both through the hotel and from the street. However, the casino opened its door for regular and approved players.

Police reports about 52 gaming machines, 5 roulettes, 11 tables for poker. The organizers of this business are subjects to criminal liability and will face a fine of 170-680 thousand UAH. In case if this crime is recurrent, they will be fines form 680 UAH thousand to 850 thousand UAH.

It is worth noting that over the past three years, 120 organizers of illegal gambling have been put to justice by police officers.

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