Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Entertainment and Bookmaking Industry members meeting

On monday in Warsaw a meeting of representatives and founders of the Polish Chamber of Entertainment and Bookmaking Industry (PIGBRiB) took place. It is an organization created in October 2018, grouping in its ranks representatives of this industry sector, representing members views and interests.

The main goals of the Chamber include:

  • Supporting Polish legal entrepreneurs operating in the field of entertainment and bookmaking industry.Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Entertainment and Bookmaking Industry
  • Cooperation to provide help in the daily struggle with the state authorities.
  • Ensuring that state bodies’ controls are carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, without paralyzing the functioning of enterprises.

The benefits resulting from belonging to this organization of industry companies in particular are:

  • shaping and disseminating the principles of ethics in business – developing and improving standards of fair dealing in the economic sector,
  • establishing fruitful business contacts and expanding markets, as well as improving the skills of the staff
  • representing economic interests associated in the chamber of entrepreneurs, in particular towards public authorities
  • exerting a real influence on the process of creating legal acts regarding the functioning of the entertainment and bookmaking industry
  • exerting favorable influence on law-making or decisions of state and self-government bodies by applying lobbying

Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Entertainment and Bookmaking IndustryThe meeting, which was attended by many representatives of companies associated in the structures of the Chamber, was also attended by dr hab. Witold Modzelewski, who is one of the most well-known specialists in the field of taxation and tax law. Currently, he is the Professor of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and in the years 1992-1996 as Deputy Minister of Finance he was responsible for the reconstruction of the Polish tax law system. It should also be recalled that it was during his term of office that a tax on goods and services and an excise duty were introduced.

The presence of such an experienced specialist who also acts as a tax adviser is a guarantee of correct and consistent implementation of statutory goals for the members of the Chamber.

The meeting was conducted in a factual and constructive atmosphere, and reports on tax issues and difficulties resulting from light Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Entertainment and Bookmaking Industryinterpretation of the regulations related to providing bookmakers’ information about sports competitions by sports organizations and associations in Poland were also presented.

Many of the problems faced by the members and the Board of the Chamber have been referred to and highlighted, now we will expect constructive implementation of these postulates and a wider public interest in this new but very important organization.


The E-PLAY portals will play the role of a media representative, you will soon be able to see in our media the activities and comments of the PIGBRiB representatives.


Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Entertainment and Bookmaking Industry

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