The Polish e-casino will be organized by Totalizator Sportowy?

The state has a monopoly on organizing online gambling. By the decision of the Prime Minister, the organization of an online casino rests on the shoulders of Totalizator Sportowy.

However, the tender for implementation and its maintenance has still not been resolved. Launching a casino on the network will only be possible in the second half of next year. According to the Ministry of Finance’s response to the interpellation of Agnieszka Kołacz-Leszczyńska and Joanna Frydrych, Totalizator Sportowy has already started work on the implementation of the project.

However, online casino games will not be launched until the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2018. As informed by Totalizator Sportowy, the tender regarding the implementation and maintenance of the online casino project was announced on August 25, 2017, and the opening of offers took place on November 6.

As in the response to the question, the deputy noted the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Head of the State Treasury Piotr Walczak, the tender procedure has not yet been resolved and negotiations are currently being conducted with the bidders. Sliding arcade game salons, also subject to the Totalizator Sportowy, will be launched a little faster.

According to information from Totalizator Sportowy, negotiations are currently being finalized with suppliers with whom the company intends to implement the project. The planned launch of these arcades is expected for the first quarter of 2018.

As explained by Deputy Minister Walczak, “all revenues generated by Totalizator Sportowy in connection with new areas of activity will be the new revenue of the Treasury”.

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