Polish gaming is a real power

Gaming is currently one of the fastest growing industries in both Poland and the world. The participants of the debate “Gaming industry in Poland – importance for the world and development perspectives” talked about further development perspectives, inspirations in creating new products, as well as the responsibility of market participants for players.

The development of gaming in Poland is one of the fastest in the world. Poland is already the fourth market for gaming equipment in Europe, with the prospect of overtaking other countries. This is a challenge and a huge opportunity for Polish companies. Totalizator Sportowy has picked up the gauntlet by investing in esports, among others. The company has been known so far for actively supporting the development of Polish sport in the traditional sense, but its development has recently been associated with broadly understood digitization. Recently, the most popular Lotto games can be played online on the Polish market. The company has also launched the only legal internet casino.

Different faces of gaming

Opening the debate, its moderator Remigiusz “Rock” Maciaszek, youtuber, journalist and player with vast experience, defined various types of gaming and pointed out what connects them and what divides them. – I represent skill-based games, but my guests are also representatives of the games market that assume some financial commitment. We also have interlocutors related to esports, which is competition in video games – explained Maciaszek. As he said, common for the entire sector is that broadly understood entertainment is increasingly focusing on presence and a wide range on the Internet.

According to Olgierd Cieślik, Totalizator Sportowy’s president of the board, arcade gaming and random gaming are naturally connected. – Customers in both cases choose the form of entertainment in which they look for emotions, challenges or competition. They just want to have a good time – explained Cieślik the reasons for participating in games.

He explained that random gaming uses elements taken from video games to make entertainment more attractive. The goal is to keep the customer in the game as long as possible. – We use movie heroes and video game characters. In our online casino we launched a game package using the Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman characters – said Cieślik. – This is another proof that our industries are intermingling and we are not always competitors – he added.

This fun is a huge business

Only a dozen or so years ago games seemed to be a sphere reserved only for the younger part of society, or perhaps the biggest technology enthusiasts. However, since then, gaming has become the fastest growing part of the entertainment industry, and the sale of only video games alone today brings several times more revenue than the entire film industry. Olgierd Cieślik quoted data illustrating the size of this sector.

– The value of the entire gaming market in 2018 amounted to EUR 390 billion. It is estimated that in 2024 it will reach even EUR 460 billion. The largest increases in the order of 8–9% are on-line. According to various data, the value of the global video game market is between USD 135 and 170 billion, and the esports industry, estimated last year at USD 870 million, has a realistic prospect of reaching USD 1 billion this year. Importantly, esport achieves the largest revenue increases of 32 percent annually – said Cieślik.

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