Prices for gambling licenses in Ukraine

New gambling law in Ukraine legalizes ground casinos in five-star hotels in Kyiv and four-star hotels in regions. The license will cost $ 2 million for Kyiv (for hotels with capacity of over 150 rooms) and $ 1 million for hotels (over 100 rooms).

Slot machine halls are allowed in three-star, four-star and five-star hotels. License cost is 250 thousand dollars plus 100 dollars fee per month for each slot machine. The license is issued for 250 slot machines, and there must be at least 50 slots in one hall.

Online casino license will cost 230 thousand dollars a year, for 5 years – 1.150 million dollars. The license will be granted for one website.

Bookmaking activities will be allowed both online and in betting shops, located only in three-star, four-star and five-star hotels and on the racetrack. You can bet only on real events. The cost of the license is $ 1 million a year, three times more before connecting to the online monitoring system. Another $ 500 per month – for one ground point.

Lottery license will be sold on the basis of an auction. No more than three licenses. The start cost is 500 thousand dollars. Video lottery terminals and other visualization devices are prohibited.

Online poker license will cost 170 thousand dollars for one site.

It is worth mentioning that cost of the license for online casinos, online poker rooms, bookmakers and slot machine halls will be 3 time higher for 2,5 years, until the government implement online monitoring system.


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