Proposal to legalize slot machines in Kyiv lacked support

The representative of the Solidarity political party, Alexander Pabat, suggested that the city council deputies should appeal to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) with a request to legalize the slot machines and create a special gaming zone in Kyiv.

The politician argued that, despite the ban, residents of Kyiv continue to visit illegal gambling clubs. Creating a separate legal gambling zone with slot machines, in his opinion, would allow them to play in a designated place without breaking the law.

However, the votes and opinions of deputies were divided. Some were categorically against this idea, others supported it, noting that at the present time all the money goes “into the pockets of corrupt officials,” but legalization could support the state budget.

According to the results of the voting, only 44 deputies supported the legalization of slot machines and the creation of a separate gambling zone in Kyiv. This was not enough.

It is worth mentioning, that hundreds of lottery clubs and betting shops operate in Kyiv despite the gambling ban. All these gambling centers work using the license of one of Ukrainian lottery operators. According to some experts, Ukraine loses billions of dollars because of the lack of effective gambling regulations.


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