PZBuk sponsors Polish hockey

PZBUK, a legal bookmaker operating in Poland, became the main sponsor of the Polish Hockey League, Polish Cup and Polish national team.

The information that the Polish Ice Hockey Federation has reached an agreement with a private sponsor has been given by its president Mirosław Minkina. It happened at the meeting of the Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism Committee, where the head of the hockey headquarters submitted a report on the current activities and the state of indebtedness. Today we got to know the name of the company.

The contract with the bookmaker company will be in force until the end of October 2019. A clause has been included in it, which allows it to be extended.

PZBUK, pursuant to this written agreement, was awarded the title of sponsor of the main Polish Hockey League, sponsor of the Polish Cup. It is worth noting that the bookmaker also acquired rights to use the name of the sponsor of Polish national team and the sponsor of Polish hockey.

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