Receipt Lottery in Latvia: more than 1.5 million receipts registered

1,565,458 receipts were registered for participation in a new type of lottery introduced in Latvia. The Latvian State Revenue Service (SRS) decided to introduce a receipt lottery in order to transform the Latvian gambling market.

According to representatives of the SRS, the innovation will help establish fair competition in business, and will also become an incentive to faithfully fulfill tax obligations to the state. In addition, in this way, buyers will demand receipts for the goods and services.

Latvians can participate in the lottery after registering  their receipts online.  Any Latvian receipt of more than € 5 is valid.  According to the rules, even children can take part in this type of lottery, but alcohol and tobacco products should not be listed in their checks.

The registered coupon must be retained or secured in the electronic declaration system. In case of a win, it must be presented to the SRS representatives. The project is supported by Latvijas loto.


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